Kerri Monnerat

Kerri Monnerat has dreamed of writing children’s books since 7th grade when a loving, encouraging teacher let her know she had a keen awareness and proclivity for storytelling. 

Finally, after a professional career as an actress, singer, and dancer, starting and running the successful Colorado Children’s Theatre for over 15 years, and becoming the mother of a child with life-threatening special needs, she is that author! 

Kerri is an award-winning teacher, performer, and director. In second grade, she won her elementary School’s poetry contest with her poem, What Is Love. Whether she wins any awards as an author is yet to be seen, but she isn’t writing for that! 

Kerri’s passion for writing, parenting, teaching, and performing is founded in the sense of community and confidence that she believes only art can create. She is constantly surprised and thrilled by the insights theatre, books, and education can give regarding the many facets of the human condition and the joy it brings to both the creator and the audience.

For that, and for her son, she will continue to write in the hopes that her insights and perspectives may enlighten her readers with hope, acceptance, self-awareness, and love.

She hopes you enjoy her work!